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Tie Dye Collection

New for 2021 these tie dye inspired pieces are available in a range of colours, all with a healthy does of sparkly mica.

Jellies Collection

This collection is so super sweet and shiny. Made from a combination of translucent clay and delicious pinks and yellows, all topped with a coating of super shiny resin. They look good enough to eat!

Lapis Collection

Inspired by Lapis Lazuli, this collection features pieces of deep blues mixed with hints of purples, turquoise and gold. There's also a plentiful splash of glitter thrown in too.

Nostalgia Collection

Here you will find our wide range of fun, colourful patterns and designs, including this bestselling Love Is... collection. It’s also where you’ll find a host of retro statement earrings.


Essentials Collection

Here you'll find a range of essentials, including these bestselling heart studs and lemon hoops. Unlike the limited releases these should always be in available.


Celestial Collection

This collection features a wide range of super shiny, sparkly, celestial inspired earrings and necklaces. Available in black or navy glitter you can choose from stars and moons of every shape and size.

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