Lemon Drops x Rachel Mammone

I’ve teamed up with the lovely Rachel Mammone, from Rachel Mammone Paints, to create a delicious new inky collection. Rachel creates the most beautiful watercolour artworks, inspired by the sea and the sky, and we both felt that my new alcohol ink styles fit perfectly with her work. She’s also recently started creating bracelets using a variety of beautiful crystal beads inspired by nature and created from nature.
When we first started discussing what we should create for this collaboration we were down in Hastings at one of the Pop-Up Emporium markets that Rachel organises; we were by the sea and the sun was shining, so it felt right that we should use the sea as our inspiration for this.
I set to work straight away planning colours and shapes that would emulate calm, tranquil waters. I opted for brighter shades of turquoise and blue (rather than the duller shade of blue-grey you might find on the British coast) and accented this with pools of shimmering silver. Once these pieces were baked and topped with a shiny coat resin to protect the inks and really let that shimmer pop, they looked like tiny drops of tropical waters - picture those delicious images we see of the Maldives.
To compliment these pieces Rachel researched which crystals would fit within this collaboration. Starting with looking at blue crystals which encourage calmness, peacefulness and serenity Rachel decided to use 3 beautiful stones for this collection - Empire Jasper, Amazonite and Blue Fire Agate. Each stone brings different properties to this collaboration; Jasper is all about encouraging being balanced and grounded, Amazonite provides calmness and gentle healing and Blue Fire Agate is protective as well as being calming. Every bead is completely unique making each bracelet a one off design, and every one is inspired by those beautiful blue seas.
All the products in the collection are limited edition and only available in small numbers, though you will be able to purchase both earrings and bracelets from both the Lemon Drops and Rachel’s websites.
The Calm Waters collection will be launching on Friday 29th of October at 8pm.
The first five customers to purchase both a bracelet and pair of earring together on launch night will receive a little something extra in their order to say thank you for supporting our small businesses.
We hope you love this collection as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it and can’t wait to share it with you.

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