Lemon Drops Design is run by Nikki (that’s me!) from her small home studio in East Sussex. Nikki is a mum of three children and avid reader.

Lemon Drops Design was born after a dark period of post natal depression in 2019. Having used creativity as a form of therapy before, Nikki turned to polymer clay for a healthy dose of mindfulness. Feeling lost and with a lack of identity that, I think, many women struggle with after childbirth, she wanted to create beautiful accessories that would bring her joy and help redefine her. 

Now, Nikki slow-makes each collection by hand, in small batches, ensuring that each piece is made with care to be something truly beautiful. Her designs are colourful and creative and made in limited quantities, making every piece more unique, like a piece of art.

Nikki understands the joy that beautiful things can bring us, especially when we feel low or lost, so every order is carefully wrapped as though its a gift, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one. I hope that when you open your order and see your beautiful earrings inside that they will spark a little joy for you, and help lift you every time you need them.

 Signature Lemon Hoops